WiseChannel Iron Sand has been devoted on sandblasting process and production of iron sand special for sandblasting for over a decade, and committed to solving problems and creating values for customers.

Possessing mature and stable production process and complete independent intelligent property right, Wisechannel Iron Sand is fully superior to standards of foreign excellent brands regarding quality. Its products are a perfect substitution to imported products, and are widely used in aluminum alloy surface sandblasting in high-end digital

products such as mobile phone, computer, digital camera, tablet computer, and wearable devices, as well as aluminum alloy sandblasting of high-end lamp, household appliance and art and craft. In particular, Wisechannel Iron Sand owns advantages that iron sand of other brands are unattainable when its products are used in 7000 series aluminum alloy sandblasting: high and stable gloss, small color difference, no corrosion after sandblasting,and less corrosion risk after anodizing! Meanwhile, the Wisechannel Ceramic-iron Sand developed by us not only owns all merits of ceramic sand, but also can save sandblasting cost of above 70% for customers.

There is advanced automatic production equipment and complete testing instruments in our factory which features abundant production strength and abilities in developing and researching new materials and new process, and has established perfect quality management system. All our efforts, from product raw material inspection, control during production, to final inspection and shipment of finished products and simulation sandblasting test before shipment, aim at providing quality and stable products to customers. Our laboratory can also cooperate with customers in conducting test and development of various iron sand special for sandblasting, to meet different demands of different customers in particle shape, microhardness, chemical composition and particle size distribution of iron sand.

To lead instead of to follow, what we focus on are more than what you require! Choose WiseChannel and together we will create brilliance!