WiseChannel Iron Sand has been devoted on sandblasting process and production of iron sand special for sandblasting more than one decade. Core competency as below: 

- The gloss after sandblasting: 15±1.0 
- Can work on 5000, 6000, and 7000 series up to AL7075 T6 (Performance much better than other brands on 6000 and especially 7000 series AL)
- Customized production
- Contained ceramic sand advantage of smooth to the touch and uniformity

I. Excellent quality
1. Centralized particle size distribution
2. High iron content, clean iron sand without impurities
3. Clean workpiece surface, stable and bright and white gloss, good blasted texture after sandblasting, and the color difference is very very small
4. Possessing merits of zircon sand (ceramic sand); workpiece surface featuring smooth touch and uniformity after sandblasting
II. Low loss
1. Suitable hardness of HV, good flexibility of iron sand, not easily broken
2. Good granularity of iron sand, without agglomeration
3. Void-free particle section, dense interior
4. Rough particle surface and large cutting force, enhancing production efficiency
III.Stable quality
1. Production process is stalely and maturely
2.Our laboratory is equipped with carbon and sulfur detector, metallographic microscope, microhardness tester, hydrogen loss meter, standardized vibrating screen, manual sandblasting machine, experiment reduction furnace, blender mixer, and wide-application sample making machine, etc,  which can detect the particle size distribution, chemical composition, microhardness and particle morphology at any time.
3.Simulate the sandblasting for customers in each batch
4.The highly automatic assembly line operation is adopted by our production line, to minimize the quality variations possibly caused by manual operation.
IV. Stable supply
Our stable raw material supply, mature production process, abundant capacity reserve and safety stock guarantee a stable supply. Furthermore VMI for strategic customers with high demand can be established.
V. Complete specifications and customized production
Proficient in every link of iron sand production, we are extremely strong in innovation. We, besides production and sales of the common iron sand specifications, can also make corresponding adjustment according to special requirements of customers in product particle size distribution, chemical composition, microhardness, particle morphology and packaging method, to meet diversified demands of different customers
VI. Fast response, and professional and flexible services