1. Wisechannel Ceramic-iron Sand possesses complete independent intelligent property right, which can perfectly substitute B170 and B205 ceramic sand, and is applicable to 5000, 6000 and 7000 series aluminum alloy sandblasting (the highest can be applied to 7075 T6 perfectly).

2. Wisechannel Ceramic-iron Sand not only owns all merits of ceramic sand, but also accounts for only about 40% of that of ceramic sand in sandblasting loss, which can greatly save sandblasting cost and improve workshop working environment

3. Wisechannel Ceramic-iron Sand, after being used in 7000 series aluminum alloy sandblasting, is better in 3D sense and better blasted texture than the sandblasting of B170 and B205 ceramic sand, which can effectively avoid disadvantages such as crater and flat touch feeling of workpiece surface after sandblasting of ceramic sand. Please refer to the corresponding test report for further information. SEM: B170 and TB170 after sand blasting